I am ecstatic and extremely grateful that I have gotten the chance to work with Chicago Slam Works, for it’s mission and pursuit is “igniting poetry through performance.” As a theatre artist and writer, this combination could not be more ideal. In a sense, this opportunity has felt like trying on the perfect pair of shoes. I have the gear to set foot on the power of storytelling and it feels so goddamn good that I want to walk everywhere with it.

As I get older, I’ve come to realize storytelling has become my way of understanding the world. The act of exchanging apart of ourselves and letting it breathe into the hands and hearts of many; this is how I recollect and gather knowledge of humanity. The goodness. The wholeness. The ability to feel as if you’ve lived for years in the span of a moment. This is storytelling.

The way we decide to tell stories is both an exclusive and intimate act. We may speak words onto our body, relieve hymns through our mouths, taste memories from our lips. The way we decide to tell stories does not matter for as long as it is opening ourselves to the moment of now.

Now, is a precious moment.

Now, is a moment you will never get back.

As I am consuming spoken word beats and snaps and stomps and claps, the power of the poet renders stylized language with embrace, confusion, and eschewal of the universe. The power of the poet transcends storytelling to an even more profound place that is greater than reality.

How epic is that?!