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Not too long ago I came across a writer in poetry class who has consumed my thoughts on words and twisted them into an even more profound place within the power of language. Among the poetry books I have stuck my head into, Black Aperture by Matt Rasmussen has forced me into moments I have not experienced into something that seems more real to me than the room I’m in. His collection of poems recounting one tragic event from multiple angles merely asks us to immerse into a place of loss and uncertainty, while bravely approaching an incomprehendible death with ruptured poems of polished words. The subject of the suicide of a brother opens up like a wound and paints each poem into small and magnificent liberations of responding to grief. His language is lyrically spilled into the most tangible dream-like images where the reader unexpectingly experiences empathy.

A simply honest collection of writing, Black Aperture blurs time and grips it in a single line. Matt Rasmussen’s inventive language captures the complex entanglements of personal tragedy into moments of damage, humor, and healing. I would recommend this book to any writer or anyone interested, as it speaks with a spare yet striking recount of memories given a public face. It is both sensational and surprisingly light and has transformed language into something deeply truthful and human.


If you are interested in finding out more about his work, I’ve linked his website below.