You’re Invited to Connect with the Champions of the
2015 Ligue de Slam France Champions

FC Logo A 2015
Sunday, April 26, 7 PM

Green Mill Lounge

4802 N Broadway in Chicago

photo Kafeclem-Team-Company La Tribut du Verbe

A French tradition has sprouted: Every year, the winners of the French national poetry slam come to Chicago to perform where it all started.

What about the language barrier?

There’s photo2 Mix Ô Ma Prose-Team-Company La Tribut du Verbeno need to parlez Francais when the Ligue de Slam France Champions team up with Chicago’s Speak’Easy Ensemble to present performance interpretation that enables audiences to simultaneously comprehend both languages.

This innovative form of oral interpretation makes translation an integral part of performance—and transcends the language barrier.  Come see the results of this innovative, international collaboration.