After a hit second season including Handsome Animals, Incendium, and This Great Nation, Much Enduring, Chicago Slam Works Ensemble Theatre is proud to announce its continuing partnership with Stage 773. Chicago Slam Works, a non-profit that has quickly become the city’s leader in performance poetry, will present 3 world premieres of poetry-forward, interdisciplinary theater in the 2016-17 season. Using poetry as a primary medium, the Ensemble Theatre incorporates elements of movement, drama, music, spoken word, and sketch comedy to create a truly unique theater experience. All shows written and performed by Chicago Slam Works Ensemble Theatre. The Artistic Director is J.W. Basilo. Shows run Fridays and select Saturdays. All performances at Stage 773, 1225 W. Belmont, Chicago. Full season and multi-show flex passes now available!



School is back in session and a group of students find themselves staring down the barrel of yet another standardized test. They each have a story to tell and obstacles to overcome as they attempt to receive an education. In Just Numbers, the players become and urban chorus of the youthful and hopeful, the forgotten orphans of Chicago public schools. Their frustrations manifest as freestyles over tabletop beats. Their anger spills out in the form of cutting words and revelations. Their hope bursts from a system designed to thwart it.

Directed by J.W. Basilo; Lead Writer: Dru Smith – NOW CLOSED


Just in time for your Valentine’s Day hangover, Chicago Slam Works Ensemble Theatre presents Nevermind, It’s Nothing, a world-premiere romp combining performance poetry and theatrical farce to tackle the flawed and funny convergence of desire and the unsaid in love, relationships, and sex. Nevermind, It’s Nothing is a madcap lyric play for the sex-positive and the queer-friendly, for lovers who roll their eyes at sonnets, thumb their noses at Cupid, and prefer their kisses with teeth.
Directed by J.W. Basilo; Lead Writer: Shelley Elaine Geiszler

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Fridays at 8:15pm, February 17 – March 24; 

Saturday Matinees at 2 PM: Feb 18, March 4, March 11
All shows at Stage 773 – 1225 W Belmont, Chicago     Tickets
Tickets start at just $10!


Can we ever truly understand where we’ve come from? Is identity a predetermined outcome? Embracing their hybrid theatrical form and commitment to the deeply personal, the Ensemble Theatre closes out the season exploring questions of family, inheritance, and the legacies we carry – whether we know it or not.

Directed by Dru Smith; Lead Writer: Teagan Walsh-Davis

Fridays at 8:15: May 5 – June 9

Saturday Matinees at 2pm: May 6, May 27, June 3



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