The new year is almost here! We have more of the best poetry in Chicago at LitMash and wanted to give you a preview of our contestants. We’re featuring some amazing talent on February 3rd, including Dan Sully and Melissa DuPrey. Continue Reading

Poetry lovers with children, you now have a place where you can introduce your kids to the magic of literature, designed in a format that will excite and inspire them. Continue Reading

We know a lot of people are coming to the website with the question, “What is Slam Poetry?” In the absence of the visceral experience we put on stage, we have text on our website. Unfortunately, Slam Poetry is more than words, both online and onstage. It’s a powerful presentation of experience. Continue Reading

Our December LitMash was a real hit. We had a great audience at the Haymarket Brewery and our performers were outstanding. It was so good that our hashtag #LitMash was the center of much activity on social media. Here are some highlights: Continue Reading

Our LitMash series has been a real success because of the talent that has graced our stage with their presence and shared their work with our audience. Our Dec. 2nd show will not disappoint as we welcome local celebrity and “live lit” hero Samantha Irby to the Haymarket Brewery on Randolph and Halsted. Continue Reading

Every now and then we look around the internet to see what people are searching for with regards to poetry. It’s a technical process that’s probably more fun for someone who likes to find the area under a curve or knows what the a Fibonacci Spiral is. This time we came across the phrase “poems… Continue Reading

Chicago Slam Works has existed since 2009, but one of our favorite places to jam, The Green Mill, Chicago, has been around for a little longer than that.  Continue Reading

  We realize that that there may be some who are reading this blog that have not attended many poetry events, or poetry slams, and are not sure what to expect. Chicago Slam Works and other groups like us all believe that what happens is a unique experience between audience and poet, and that experience… Continue Reading